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Benjamin is a 7 year-old boy who attends Cheam Elementary School in Chilliwack, British Columbia. He loves to draw and play wheelchair basketball with his older brother Caleb.Ben is becoming an accomplished swimmer and feels that he’s not many years away from attempting a kids triathlon on his own.

Ben enjoys playing with his cousins and watching his family members play soccer, softball and hockey. His mom is the real runner in the family, completing her first half marathon with her sister in San Fransisco in November 2005.

Benjamin rides an Adams Trail-A-Bike, that was donated to him from Len Stad at Jacks’ Bicycle Shop in Vedder Crossing, B.C. Len is a neighbour of ours and is a proud supporter of Benjamin and Team Hagkull. Ben’s bike model is an “Original Folder 1” and weighs a whopping 85 pounds (when it weighs that much, you get a lifetime guarantee on workmanship!).

We adapted Ben’s pedals with Velcro straps to keep his feet anchored during his ride. As a result of being born with Spina Bifida, Ben doesn’t have sensation in his legs below his knees, but he’s still able to contribute in the pedal portion of our events.

Brad Hagkull
Ben Hagkull

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• Benjamin rides an Adams Trail-A-Bike

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Photos of Team Hagkull Triathalon Team