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Cheap Date Ideas

Here Are Some Fun and Cheap Date Ideas For a Nite Out On the Town in Chilliwack

  • Movie theater where the movies are older but not out on DVD yet
  • non-new release old movie rentals on vhs/dvd. Check out the classic or foreign films section
  • High school plays. Fun and inexpensive
  • Make a thermos of coffee or cocoa, pack a blanket and go out for an evening drive up to Cultus Lake (or somewhere out in the country) and find a good place to look at the stars or sunset.
  • Pack a fancy picnic and enjoy a candlelight picnic dinner at a scenic park
  • Borrow a rowboat/canoe/kayak and enjoy a ride around a lake (could pack a picnic).
  • Do you have a membership anywhere (zoo, Botanical gardens, museum)? We have a couple of memberships so those seem like free dates.
  • Walking in a nature reserve - ie Great Blue Heron Reserve
  • Tennis
  • Badminton (at a park or field without the net)
  • Flying a kite on a windy day
  • Fishing
  • W alk to Starbucks or the Preserved Seed and get lattes or crazy teas you've never tried befor
  • Make milkshakes and watch the food network online
  • Go to an open house. Walk through the new houses and dream
  • Pick an old movie out of the movie drawer and surprise each other with candy/ treat
  • Make a meal together & eat it with a movie or special television program.
  • Go to a newly opened restaurant and share a dessert
  • Get outdoor games and take them to a park and see who wins
  • Take one of our cars to a carwash place (wash the car & vacuum it out)
  • Walk down memory lane (i.e. visit your college campus (FVU?) or highschool (Sardis Secondary or Chilliwack Senior?) and talk about pranks or other stories)
  • Visit a furniture store and then get ice cream and talk about the type of our dream furniture.
  • Take a moonlit walk and sing silly songs together
  • Make a list of questions that we want to know about the other person (i.e. new questions- like if you had to design a couch---what would it look like? and then have him/her sketch it out---if you want)
  • When the other person arrives for your date blindfold them and put them in the to a new place they've never been like a restaurant or park for the meal...then have them blind folded again...having them describe how to get home from the new place.
  • Read to each other
  • Get a bowl of ice & just ask each other question- like truth or dare-- if you know the other person is get to choose where to put an ice cube.
  • Go to your spouse / date / girfriend/boyfriend's work all dressed up. Stand where they can see you...then don't say anything just hand them a note stating that instead of them meeting you at home....for him/her to dress up and meet you at a ______________ place at like 8 pm sharp....then walk away...leaving him/her wanting more...
  • Write your love a letter and mail to him/her every day for a week
  • When you two stop at stop light, make a new you have to kiss until the light turns green or keep the date interesting in the car.
  • Text your spouse/date – ask him / her to pick out 7 compliments (nothing household related--but like your eyes are blue as the sky) and share them at dinner.
  • Have your spouse/date pick out your entire clothing for the next week-- and actually wear matter what
  • Go to a drive-in movie (where you can get three movies for the price of one) and share a snack.
  • Leave the cell phone and technology at home--- go for an old fashioned date--- like go roller skating and share ice cream together
  • Pack a picnic and visit a new city close by....don't eat what you packed.
  • Have a penny jar (when you want to go out but can't put a penny in the jar)...then save all those pennies and use it to go on a date or vacation of your dreams

Got other cheap and fun date ideas for others in Chilliwack? Email us and let us know



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